About Us


The Basics

We first took shape as a five-piece folk a cappella group in May 2012 and performed together for the first time as "The Folk Collective" at Crawley Folk & Beer Festival that same summer.  A full history of  No Strings Attached can be found  here.

With one addition, and to highlight the fact we had decided to ditch the instruments used in The Beamers (an earlier forerunner of our line-up) we became "No Strings Attached" and debuted in Cuckfield in October 2012. Since then we have performed on over 80 occasions throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. In January 2016  we became a quintet again after John decided to pursue other musical ventures.

Nearly all of our arrangements are developed by the group as a whole during rehearsal (or even after the rehearsal, in the pub!); no-one conducts, anyone can take the lead and we all revel in the sheer enjoyment of singing in harmony.

The Band

Russ Braithwaite


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Bonnie Flitney


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Phil Purdie

Tenor & Vocal Percussion

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Alex Sandford


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John Sandford


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David Spear


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